Pavels Hedström is a Swedish architect based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With an educational background in Architecture and Extreme Environments, Pavels explores how design can link humans with non-human life in order to create planetary harmony.

Inxects is a working title of a design practice founded by Pavels in 2021.  The focus lies in speculating on present and future global challenges through regenerative design concepts. Inxects operates as a cross-disciplinary practice, uniting architecture, science, body culture, art and design.


Inxects’ target is to minimize the gap between humans and the rest of nature through design and technology.
Following principles guides our designs:

  • The Human Body as an Ecosystem
Adapting humanity to the surrounding environments starts with understanding the human body as an extremely intelligent and sensitive ecosystem. Observing the human body is crucial when adapting to the rest of nature.

  • Learning from Other Species
The most intelligent technologies and strategies can be found in nature. Learning and understanding other species is fundamental when developing a resilient relationship to the rest of nature.

  • Rethinking Resources
Human consumption needs to build upon resources which are part of circular and regenerative loops. There is no such thing as waste.

  • Design for Resilience
As new extreme environments occur due to Climate Change, the built environment needs to be designed for resilience.
A catastrophe is only a fact if we are not prepared.


Founder: Pavels Hedström
︎ pavels@inxects.com

Communication & Strategy: Markus Oxelman
︎ markus@inxects.com