Learning from
the local intelligence
in the Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is the driest non-polar area on the planet, similar to the extreme environments on Mars. Through billions of years, life has learned to adapt to the harsh conditions in the Atacama Desert. Plants such as the Cactus have developed strategies in how to harvest and contain water from coastal fog. These intelligent systems have been studied in the making of the Fog-X Jacket. 

A life sustaining jacket that harvests water from thin air

Fog-X jacket gives the user the ability to collect up to 10 liters of drinkable water each day by collecting fog, even in the most arid areas on earth. The inflatable design of the jacket enables the user to be light and mobile in the landscape. With only a few steps of adjustments, the jacket can transform into a fog catching station that provides shelter for the user, while harvesting fog.